Pre-registration deadline: May 6, 2016

Unleash the Creative Genius

The course offers innovative understandings and tools for tapping into one's creativity and unleashing entrepreneurial spirit. Creativity is a foundation for "out of the box" and innovative solutions to life challenges and new discoveries. The course is intended for organisations that recognise the fact that developing creativity in staff and students is a jumping point for accessing unlimited potential and creating ground-breaking initiatives.

Note: This course is only available for groups of minimum 6 participants, for a tailor-made training at the agreed date.

What will the course bring?

Creativity is essential for the development of individuals, groups, organisations, society and humanity. It allows for new, unique and innovative discoveries and solutions. It also makes our lives more joyful and meaningful, helping us to grow as unique individuals. Although everybody has potential for creative thinking and taking creative action, many of adults do not use it as much as they could. We can say that their creativity is latent and the aim of this seminar is to awaken it. The seminar aims at providing those involved in adult education in understandings and tools that will allow them to make better use of their own creativity as well as stimulate creativity in adult learners. The specific objectives are the below:

  • Develop understanding of creative thinking process
  • Change old thinking habits and develop new ways of thinking
  • Engage own spontaneity, curiosity, playfulness and creative power
  • Identify obstacles to creativity and offer tools to overcome those obstacles
  • Allow the educators to find new more attractive ways of teaching/training/coaching their students/coworkers hence increase the attractiveness of the lessons/projects
  • Prevent routine and boredom in educators’ work hence increase work satisfaction and prevent burn-out syndrome
  • Introduce the concept of inner endless source of wisdom and provide tools for accessing it
  • Provide the opportunity to reflect how creativity can be applied in the participants organization/classroom/life
  • Provide tools for stimulating students’ creativity
  • Take advantage of international group and generate creative solutions (e.g through brain storming) to real challenges of the participants


The seminar uses active learning methods hence there will be plenty of group and individual exercises and experiential activities. Attention will be given to how to implement the findings and skills in real life situations after the seminar. Methods such as debate, art, role-play, body movement, individual mind management technologies and coaching will be used throughout the seminar. As the group will consist of individuals from different countries there will be plenty of opportunities for exploring various issues from different perspectives and learning from each other.


There will be a semi-structured interview conducted through series of emails; the interview aims to identify the participants’ particular training needs in order to fine-tune the training program to meet the needs of the individual participants, the group and the organisations they work/volunteer for. The participants will also receive a couple of “warm up” assignments prior to the seminar. Also useful information about Cyprus and mini dictionary with everyday life Greek expressions will be sent prior to their arrival.

Follow up

The participants will be invited to join Inspired Learning Forum – online platform that facilitates exchange of experiences among adult education professionals and learners. Moreover, 3 months after the seminar they will be requested to answer a questionnaire in order to identify in what way they’ve been using skills they learnt on the seminar.

Training Program (day by day)

  • Arrival, welcoming dinner and getting to know each other
  • Introduction and overview of the course
  • Individual expectations
  • Team bonding games
  • Meet others and present yourself in creative way – creative exercise
  • The nature of creativity and why is it important – presentations and discussion
  • In what areas of your life you are already creative and where do you want to engage more creativity? - exploration of own creativity of the participants
  • Supportive and unsupportive thinking strategies
  • Blockages to creativity
  • Mind technologies to utilize the creative potential of the mind (visualization, Sylva method etc.)
  • Games to stimulate creative thinking
  • Disney model – a technique to generate creative solutions
  • Art for everyone – creating a collective collage as a way to stimulate group creativity
  • Trip to archeological sites and traditional villages followed by wine tasting
  • Stimulating group creativity part 2 – brainstorming and use of metaphor as creative problem solving strategies
  • Creative questions
  • Body movement in service of creativity
  • Creativity in service of setting and achieving goals – be the creator of your future
  • Summary, course evaluation and closure

Who can apply?

Erasmus+ is open to a wide range of organisations across all sectors of education and training. Any public, private or non-profit organisation actively involved in these areas is able to apply for funding through the programme. This includes:

  • Higher Education staff
  • Vocational Education staff
  • School staff
  • Adult Education staff

Only organisations are able to apply for education and training funding under Erasmus+. Training opportunities for individuals still exist under Key Action 1, but individuals themselves are not eligible to apply.