Pre-registration deadline: Dec. 8, 2016

Train the Inspiring Trainer - Permission to Be Yourself

08 - 13/01/2017

Later-in-the-year sessions available

  • 07 - 12/05/2017
  • 02 - 07/07/2017
  • 10 - 15/09/2017

Note: for groups of minimum 6 participants tailor-made training at the chosen date is also an option.

What will the course bring?

The seminar aims to:

  • Provide opportunity to reflect on what does it mean to be a “good trainer”
  • Raise awareness of supportive and limiting beliefs and how they affect performance
  • Build in the participants awareness of their own beliefs related to being a trainer
  • Build in the participants awareness of their own strengths
  • Raise trainers’ ability to create supportive learning environment
  • Introduce mind expansion techniques to tap into creative force of the mind
  • Enhance the understanding of feedback as motivational factor and provide practical tools for giving constructive feedback
  • Improve the educators ability to include play and laugh in their sessions
  • Enhance public speaking capacity
  • Boost in the participants their motivation and passion for teaching
  • Provide tools for trainer’s optimal self-care
  • Provide techniques for improved trainer-learners communication
  • Enhance confidence in the participants
  • Expand paradigm of a trainer and hence allow the participants to engage in new creative ways of teaching
  • Provide opportunity to give and receive feedback from other participants
  • International dialogue and exchange of experiences and resources


Methodology of this training is based on a formula: minimum theory + maximum practice + feedback = accelerated growth. The methods used during the training are as follows: presentations, individual and pair exercises, group work and reflection, brain storming, peer support, games. The participants will also receive study manuals and worksheets that will be used during the seminar.


Prospective participants will receive a list of relevant study materials along with websites which are relevant to the content of the course. They will also receive worksheets which will help them identify their strong points as well as areas they want to improve.

Follow up

The participants will be encouraged to form a network in order to continue exchange of ideas and support one another. Up to 6 months after completion of the workshop, the participants will have opportunity to ask for advice (via email or Skype) if they face obstacles in using the new skills or if they have any questions or concerns.

Training Program (day by day)

  • Arrival, welcoming and getting to know each other
  • Introduction and ice-breaking
  • Relaxation techniques to create optimal learning state
  • What does it mean to be a good teacher/trainer?
  • What do you love about being a teacher/trainer? – teacher’s job made fun!
  • The importance of teacher’s self care
  • Using your physiology to influence your inner state
  • The art of public speaking
  • Presentations and feedback
  • Handling ‘difficult learners’
  • Trip to archeological sites and traditional villages followed by wine tasting
  • Understanding and utilizing different learning styles
  • Understanding interpersonal differences and group dynamics- ENNEAGRAM
  • The Art of Make-Belief - Teacher’s supportive and limiting beliefs
  • Logical levels – a practical tool for professional development of a teacher/trainer
  • Summary, course evaluation and closure

Who can apply?

Erasmus+ is open to a wide range of organisations across all sectors of education and training. Any public, private or non-profit organisation actively involved in these areas is able to apply for funding through the programme. This includes:

  • Higher Education staff
  • Vocational Education staff
  • School staff
  • Adult Education staff

Only organisations are able to apply for education and training funding under Erasmus+. Training opportunities for individuals still exist under Key Action 1, but individuals themselves are not eligible to apply.