Pre-registration deadline: May 18, 2017

Clarity of Mind for Extraordinary Results

21 - 25.05.2017

Note: for groups of minimum 6 participants tailor-made training at the chosen date is also an option.

What will the course bring?

This course introduces innovative view on human potential, creating results, relating to one another and dealing with problems. It guides the participants to the source of their own wisdom, inspiration and creativity. Whereas nowadays life and culture is characterised by rush and "being busy", this course aims to offer insights into new possibilities that emerge when our mind settles, thinking slows down and we "make room" for "fresh" perceptions. This understanding has proven to have significant positive effect on the wellbeing and productivity of both teachers and students. The guiding motto of this course is "To see clearly means to live wisely".

The main objectives of the course are:

  • To introduce the groundbreaking understanding of the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought and its application and implications in educational context
  • To introduce new understanding of performance, creating results and pursuing goals
  • To allow the participants to experience more ease and flow in their projects
  • To provide the opportunity to reflect in depth on the role of a teacher
  • To enhance resilience and wellbeing in a sustainable way and decrease stress
  • To provide the opportunity to break free from limiting assumptions
  • To develop understanding that will enable the participants to perceive tasks with more clarity and simplicity
  • To increase the probability for the “aha” moments that make learning more engaging and sustained
  • To provide the opportunity to reflect on the difference between intellect and wisdom and find balance between these two
  • To increase participants’ access to own intuition and creativity
  • To take advantage of international group and enable exchange of experiences and ideas
  • To boost the energy of joy and passion that helps learners grow
  • To enhance the ability to deal with own and learners’ emotions wisely and effortlessly
  • To introduce a different view on decision making


The seminar uses active learning methods hence there will be plenty of dialogue, space for reflection, group and individual exercises and experiential activities. Attention will be given to how to implement the findings and skills in real life situations after the seminar.
The course is an alternative to courses that strongly rely on teaching methods, techniques and strategies. Whereas there is great value in such courses, their weak point is that the new methods require lots of practice in order to master them and, in reality, the participants do not put time and effort in doing it after the course if finished. Moreover, techniques and methods are of very limited value and can even be misused if a person does not understand the philosophy from which they stem. This course on the other hand is based on deepening the participants’ understanding how our mind works, what are the principles that are responsible for creating our inner experience and the outer results. With deeper understanding a person is able to use creatively the skills that they already have as well as approach life in more intuitive, innovative and insightful way.
1 day will be dedicated to individual mini coaching during which the participants will have a chance to work on their own goals/issues, gain new insights, and gain more clarity with regard to projects they are concerned with.
As the group will consist of individuals from different countries, there will be plenty of opportunities for exploring various issues from different perspectives and learning from each other.


There will be a semi-structured interview conducted through series of emails; the interview aims to identify the participants’ particular training needs in order to fine-tune the training program to meet the needs of the individual participants, the group and the organisations they work/volunteer for. The participants will also receive a couple of “warm up” assignments prior to the seminar. Also useful information about Cyprus and mini dictionary with everyday life Greek expressions will be sent prior to their arrival.

Follow up

The participants will be invited to join Inspired Learning Forum – online platform that facilitates exchange of experiences among adult education professionals and learners. They will also have an opportunity to connect on skype or via email with the trainers in order to receive further assistance.

Training Program (day by day)

  • Arrival, welcoming dinner and getting to know each other
  • Introduction and overview of the course
  • Individual expectations
  • Team bonding games
  • Foundations
    • Clear mind – foundation for achievement, effective communication and satisfying relationships
    • Psychology of innate mental health
    • The facts about human thinking
    • Understanding the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought
  • Reflections of the day
  • The health/wellbeing of the teacher and the learner – its source, mechanism and implications on learning outcomes
  • Dealing with teachers’ and learners’ emotions with ease and intelligence
  • Case studies, stories, short films - applications of the 3 Principles understanding in different contexts
  • Reflections of the day
  • Balance between intellect and insight
  • What is wisdom? Where do new answers come from?
  • Tools and methods versus Infinite ‘well’ of insight
  • “Going deeper” – exploration of infinite source of potential
  • Visit to archaeological sites
  • The simplicity project – getting rid of the limiting assumptions
  • Mini coaching sessions – demonstrations and pair work to enable the participants to gain more clarity with regards to their own projects/goals/concerns
  • Reflections of the day
  • A new outlook on decision making
  • Navigating life by wisdom
  • “Self correcting mechanism” – intelligence working ‘behind the scenes’
  • Summary, course evaluation and closure
    Saturday - optional
  • A visit to a local NGO, school, adult education centre, or a higher education institution

Who can apply?

Erasmus+ is open to a wide range of organisations across all sectors of education and training. Any public, private or non-profit organisation actively involved in these areas is able to apply for funding through the programme. This includes:

  • Higher Education staff
  • Vocational Education staff
  • School staff
  • Adult Education staff

Only organisations are able to apply for education and training funding under Erasmus+. Training opportunities for individuals still exist under Key Action 1, but individuals themselves are not eligible to apply.